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1 Lagging Tail. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Lagging Tail 2019-01-04 · A Lagging Tail is a held item that causes the holder to move last within moves of the same priority.

Lagging tail

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Gyro Ball Screech Iron Tail Flash Cannon All intellectual property rights in and to Pokemon,  The tail feathers become the head and the foot becomes attached to the body, it's pretty unpleasant to But when i first started up the game it started lagging. to find himself at Burning Man, a dying hamster, and her tail between her legs.

Lagging tail

It is tremendously heavy and makes the holder move slower than usual. Locations.
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Lagging Tail causes the holder to move last within its priority bracket. In other words, the holder will attack last if all Pokémon use moves with the same priority, but if the opponent uses a lower priority move (e.g. Vital Throw ), that Pokémon will still move after the holder of Lagging Tail.

Lagging tail :') a guest . Nov 6th, 2014. 137 .
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Locations. Places This Item Can Be Found. Currently Unavailable. Obtain from the Digging Duo. You have a chance to obtain Lagging Tailfrom the Digging Duolocated near the nursery in the Wild Area.

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If multiple Pokémon have a Lagging Tail, or are holding a Full Incense or have Stall, the move order will be decided by Speed. Where Found. Lagging Tails can be found being carried by wild Lickilicky, Lickitung and Slowpoke. 2020-03-21 · If a Pokémon with Stall also holds a Lagging Tail or Full Incense, Stall does not affect when the Pokémon moves. Generation V onward If multiple Pokémon with the Ability Stall or that are holding a Lagging Tail or Full Incense use moves with the same priority, the Pokémon move relatively according to Speed (the order is reversed during Trick Room). The Lagging Tail (Japanese: こうこうのしっぽ order (baseball)#.232 Second-Batter Tail) is a type of held item introduced in Generation IV that delays the holder's turn.

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Lagging Tail.

Its sprite resembles an Onix's tail. It does not Effects. Lagging Tail causes the holder to move last within its priority bracket..